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The Medavantage web site has important documentation that the sales reps need access to immediately, and the guys at Medavantage are the coolest guys, and I want to help them in any way I can. So as a web who wants to have only perfect sites live, I have to give them an unfinished site. Grant Cooper at Resupro will be providing the content for the site until we begin the SEO campaign. I hate to write, but I love SEO and I love optimizing content, strange. I look forward to the SEO aspect of this site, it will be one hell of a challenge. Medavantage is a national company selling every form of health insurance available. Health insurance web sites are HARD to top, and I am looking forward to getting Pat & Jack the traffic they need to make the site a success.

I was working on the web site tonight and it was really tough. FortuneCity’s servers are still propagating themselves with the site’s info, and every other time I would refresh my screen, I would get a coming soon page from This was killing me, but I wanted to work out some of the kinks before they saw it tomorrow. I also need to buy the stock photography for the site and crop the images, jeez, I have a lot to do on this site.


New blog by to Goatsmilktavern Studios


New Orleans Web Design BlogI work a lot, and my wife gets tired of hearing about my work, so I had to start another blog so I can get all the crap of the day out of my system. I spend all day trying to work-around web design problems and finding fixes for IE (no matter how bad it is, people still use it), and sometimes the fixes I find are worth sharing, or archiving. Anywho, the blog is primarily about web design, and web design related issues and can be seen here at New Orleans Web Design.That makes three blogs that I try to post on at least 3 times a week. I don’t think I have to go into why blogs are important for SEO and branding. Running multiple blogs is also helping me with my clients, I get more practice at writing impromptu blog posts and I don’t have to spend as much time researching as I used to.

A few preliminaries approved this week

I came up with a few web designs this week that were approved and I will start writing the CSS next week. I make new web design layouts for current customers and I also spend a few hours a week making generic layouts we let our client choose from, but once one is used, it is removed from the gallery. This is the new web design for Kwick Kopy in Alexandria, VA. I wanted to make a non-traditional layout that used images from the historic city of Alexandria, VA. This web site will utilize the PrinterOrder Web to Print technology. This is the new web design for in Los Angeles, CA. They wanted a clean, but corporate looking design. I think this web design will be a bit more successful than their previous design. It will also utilize the PrinterOrder Web to Print technology.

random layout This is a random layout that I designed for our layout library, it will be used for a future client. PrePress Systems offers custom web designs, and we want each of our web sites to have it’s own, individual look and feel, so once a design is chosen out of our library, it is removed from the gallery.