live ahead of schedule, way ahead of schedule

The Medavantage web site has important documentation that the sales reps need access to immediately, and the guys at Medavantage are the coolest guys, and I want to help them in any way I can. So as a web who wants to have only perfect sites live, I have to give them an unfinished site. Grant Cooper at Resupro will be providing the content for the site until we begin the SEO campaign. I hate to write, but I love SEO and I love optimizing content, strange. I look forward to the SEO aspect of this site, it will be one hell of a challenge. Medavantage is a national company selling every form of health insurance available. Health insurance web sites are HARD to top, and I am looking forward to getting Pat & Jack the traffic they need to make the site a success.

I was working on the web site tonight and it was really tough. FortuneCity’s servers are still propagating themselves with the site’s info, and every other time I would refresh my screen, I would get a coming soon page from This was killing me, but I wanted to work out some of the kinks before they saw it tomorrow. I also need to buy the stock photography for the site and crop the images, jeez, I have a lot to do on this site.


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