Goatsmilktavern SERP result: Dramatic changes

My SERP results for Goatsmilktavern Studios have changed dramatically in the past few days. I have been fighting with the “new orleans web design” results, and trying to compete with sites that have age and links over me. I began my SEO campaign in June of this year, and I am almost to the 6 month mark where I had set a goal to be on the first page for all of my target keyterms, and I am happy to say I have met this goal. For the past few days http://www.goatsmilktavern.com has been showing up at #7 for “new orleans web design”, I am not sure how stable this result is, but I will continue to work this phrase since my others don’t seem to have any competition. My home page is showing up for “new orleans web design” because of the amount of links leading to it, I would like to get my web design page on the first page as well, and I already have the strategy in motion. I just feel more comfortable when I have multiple landing pages on the first page of the SERPs. Now that I have the base positions I want, I can begin to expand into broader keyterms and really drum-up some traffic.

Now that I have the results I wanted from my first 6 months of SEO, I can begin expanding my web site and concentrate more on generating revenue from it. That’s what web sites are all about, giving useful information, providing products and services, and makin’ money.


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