Blatant Black Hat SEO on Craigslist

I was having a good day and posting an ad on Craigslist yesterday when I came across an ad for a New Orleans SEO provider that offers “Deindexing methods applied against competing websites“, and boy did it alter my mood. What this SEO hack is doing is getting short term contracts, showing “great” results and bailing on the campaign. To me, SEO is a competition, fair, long and tough, not a simple kick to the groin and over. Simply throwing sand in the eyes of a solid site will set it back, for a while, but it will come back and beat the damn blood out of you!

They also say they use “custom tools I have programmed, as well as a few professional SEO tools I am privy to“, (“privy“, god what an ass) any one in the SEO field knows that most of those “tools” are for hacks and can’t beat quality content, clean semantics, and strategic web design. Sure, I like scrapers, link bombs and some keyword fluffing in my PHP here and there, but I have never been “f’n privy” to anything.

I suppose they will build links to the competitors sites from “bad neighbors”, which is a pain to undo, but can be done. Maybe a well timed DOS, some spammy comments in the name of the competitors site, or duplicating content or sites, or 301/302 hijacking (I doubt this privy turd knows how to do this).

However these methods are explicitly illegal under US law. Those that aren’t still fall under the umbrella of bad faith or deceptive trade practices, both of which will provide you with legal recourse.

This is the kind of stuff that makes people think SEO is a scam, by providing quick, shaky results. If a site isn’t optimized to stand on it’s own feet, it will fall just as fast as it rose.

I (naively) believe the blatant lack of integrity and the possible repercussions of de-indexing (at least I spelled mine right) a competitor is enough to scare away any potential clients. And I hope people realize this is a no-tallent hack that will not provide a strong base for your SEO campaign, and may get your site penalized in the process, then the poor bloke will be sued by to many people for anyone to recover any damages.


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