SEO tip: Activity is #1

In the world of search engine optimization activity and fresh content on your web site is the most important aspect of ascending up the ranks. Fresh content brings the spiders back, and fills your site with rich useful content. I have worked with many businesses that did not have blogs and didn’t see the advantages of taking a few minutes a day to write a few sentences about their business or industry, but after a few weeks of plugging away, they saw dramatic results.

Case Study: Goatsmilktavern Studios

2 weeks ago- keyterm:”New Orleans Web Design”; rank-#79
SEO strategy: Very aggressive blogging, but I stopped on Friday, October 5
Sunday, October 7- keyterm:”New Orleans Web Design”; rank-#13
I have not posted since Friday.
Monday, October 8- keyterm:”New Orleans Web Design”; rank:#33

As you can see these are exaggerated result because my domain is not very old, but blogging did make and insane difference.

If your domain does not have a good age rank, don’t get scared if your rankings fluctuate dramatically. Dramatic fluctuations show your potential in the SERPS that can be solidified with links. It is my job to gain ranking without the use of paid inclusions, buying links or PPC (yuck!), and good link bait will build quality links naturally. Web site owners should always accompany their sites with regularly updated blogs.


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