New sites for Diversified Printing, Columbus, GA & A Printers in Miami, FL by PrePress Systems

I have been working on a new site for Diversified Printing in Columbus, GA. This project is being done through my employer, PrePress Systems and is coming along nicely. The owner was very happy with his old site and our current templates didn’t match his format, so the guys over at gave me access to the CSS of the sites and I was able to duplicate the look of the origional web site. The design is almost complete, I have to create the flyout menus and then populate it with content.The old site can be seen here, and the new one here. The site will remain on our .isaprinter testing server until it is completed.

A Printers in Miami, FL will be receiving a new web site as well now that we have control of the CSS of the web to print workflows. The owner of the web site had a vision of what the site should look like and the original web design firm couldn’t meet the design, but we have. Our new web design for A Printers will also include the web to print technology that allows users to upload and proof artwork and purchase prints online. The old Site can be seen here and the new one here. The site will remain on our .isaprinter testing server until it is completed.

Now that PrePress Systems has control of the CSS I will be able to create web sites for our customers that better meet their needs and each site can have it’s own individual look and feel. I am strongly against template designs and want to give each client their own design that will set them apart from the rest of the crowd. Some web to print services I have seen offer templates that include things like staff pictures that cannot be changed, we want to offer a service that gives the customers what they want. I hate telling people that I can’t do something.

I will begin the SEO work on the Wendel Printing web site this week and get them moving up in the search engines. I hope to generate a lot of traffic to these guys, they are a great printing company with virtually unlimited capabilities.

I will begin working on a web site for St. Charles Printing at the end of this week, I am looking forward to making a site out of the agreed design, I love these challenges.


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