Why Validate?

What is the importance of valid HTML? I was listening to the TWIT podcast today and frickin’ John Dvorak (Apple basher) was complaining about Safari for Windows. It seems there are several web sites that cannot be viewed with the Safari browser released for windows last month. The sites Dvorak said you couldn’t see are sites that are so far from valid HTML it’s amazing any modern browser can make sense of it. This got me thinking about valid HTML and web standards.

The web designs I create for Goatsmilktavern Studios pass both HTML and CSS standards, but why adhere to strict coding? Valid HTML ensures that your web site is displayed consistently through any browser. By consistently I mean pretty close to the same idea, Macs and PCs still read HTML a bit differently. You want to know exactly what your web site will look like in every browser, and if the browsers that are pushing strict web standards, like Safari and Opera, don’t display your site properly or at all, you have a problem with your semantics.

I am one of the few people that believe valid HTML and CSS is part of good SEO. The easier you make it for the SE’s to crawl your site, the better your SEO campaign, and by validating your code, you are ensuring that your web site meets strict HTML standards.

If you want top results, you have to give that extra bit of effort. Will not validating kill you, no. Will all of my valid sites get top listings, no. But, if as the browsers change and semantics are updated, it will be easier to adapt to the changes.

Oh, and here is a preliminary for a site I am working on, Goatsmilktavern Studios has recently teamed with Resupro and will be building more sites for Resupro in the future.


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