Content Growth

When considering a web design you need to think about the ability for content growth. Your web site needs fresh content on a regular basis to maintain rankings and to climb in the SERP’s. If your site has not been updated in 6 or so months and it is tough to add content to, you can consider the site dead in the water and need to consider either a re-diesign or reformatting of your site’s content.

Navigation is a big factor when considering content growth. How easy is to add a new page? How easy is it to add a sub category to an existing topic on your web site? Is your navigation scalable, and can you add new buttons to it easily? If your site relies solely on a meta search to reach certain pages, or if customers must navigate through a maze of pages to reach anything on your site, you need to re-think the mapping and navigation of your site. Navigation should be clear and intuitive and the visitors should be able to find what they are looking for in an instant.

A good Content Management System can solve many of these problems. CMS’s work if you make small updates daily, weekly or even monthly. If you intend on making large scale updates, your navigation needs to have room to grow. Drop-down navigations or a layout that can handle endless amounts of links are great for sites that need large updates on a regular basis.

Web site owners should always consider seasonal searches and adaptation. Your content should change for phrases associated with seasonal search terms and shifts in terminology. Keeping track of query trends is very important when considering keyword updates. Your web site needs to have the ability to change the target keyword phases and search trends people are searching for in relation to your products and services. Online keyword analysis tools are easy to use and give web site owners a good idea of what users are searching for on a monthly basis. Web site owners and SEO specialists have a responsibility to keep on top of the query trends and amend web sites accordingly in order to maintain popularity and traffic.

When choosing or creating a web design, always think about the future of the web site. Regular updates ensure that your site will maintain it’s rankings, and give you room to improve them. Remember to keep track of your landing and exit pages so you can modify pages that need improvements. Keep traffic analytics and study them regularly, noting your successful pages and the pages that tend to have a high bounce rate.

Small businesses should always consider web designs that allow room for growth, especially if you have aspirations of becoming more than a small business.


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