Rounded Corners and External Javascript

I found this great resource for an easy way to add rounded corners to your web site, it is called curvyCorners.  This is a simple javascript file that can be used externally and is very versatile.  Rounded corners are usually created with tables, but that requires too much code and can get messy, but curvyCorners cleans that up considerably.  I will test curvyCorners on the Goatsmilktavern Studios web site sometime this week to see just how well it works. 

 I am usually against using these kind of plugins, but this one sounds like it will make web design a little faster for me, and the option to turn off the rounded corners sounds like a good idea.

 The Wendel Printing web site will be finished tonite, and moved from the testing server to our DNS sometime this week.  You can see the site HERE


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