Search Engine Submissions

I have come across a lot of web sites that offer automatic search engine submissions, and I would steer my clients away from these services based on the fact that they are automated. When you submit your website manually to the search engines you are asked to enter a verification code, and these automated services skip this step in the process. When Google receives a submission from a service that skips the verification, the submission gets pushed to the back of the line. Every manual submission after your automated one will fall in front of yours, and you could be waiting indefinitely. It is always a good idea to submit your sites on your own to ensure that you are being indexed at a controlled rate.

I prefer not to submit web sites to the search engines. I use the “forced index” method by creating a link on a frequently crawled site that will lead the search engines to my site. My method of SEO is to use individual landing pages, so I make a post that leads the search engines to “page 1”, and another that leads to “page 2” and so on. This ensures that each page is indexed, not just the home page. Take the time to find out where you contemporaries hang out on the web and where they post their information and you should see some fast results.

SEO takes time, and search engine submissions can take up to 4-8 weeks. By “forcing” the search engines to crawl a link to your website will ensure a faster response time in the indexing process.

murrydan, Goatsmilktavern Studios, a New Orleans based web design and internet marketing company


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