nofollow Experiment @ SEO HELP

As I posted at SEO HELP, I will be conducting an “experiment” with nofollow tags this weekend. nofollow tags are tags placed on websites and blogs that tell search engines not to folow the links found in the comments of some blogs and sites. People use these to avoid “spammy” comments to posts and in forums. Dave Naylor and Matt Cutts are saying that Google IS following the links, so I’m gonna check it out by making posts and comments in blogs and forums with nofollow tags and I will track the links I leave and see if they show up in the SERP’s.

One of the biggest and most time consuming tasks of providing the best SEO services around is constant experimentation, some of it is fruitless, but I have come across a few gems. I hope the talk about the nofollow tags is true, it could lead to a new way of thinking for me about link building. The problem with comment links is they are only temporary, and it is tough to keep them up and make them a reliable source of links. I should have something that resembles a “report” posted at SEO HELP by the middle of next week.

I have been slammed with the PrePress Systems websites for the printing industry, but I promise Goatsmilktavern Studios will turn out the web designs I am obligated to in an efficient and timely manner. The web design end of gmtS is really taking off at a frightening rate.

I am putting the finishing touches on a new website for Wendel Printing in New Orleans, LA and it will go live sometime next week.


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