Updates: PrePress Systems & Acadiana Home Design

This week we had a meeting with the programmer who wrote the code for the online printing websites. He has decided to give me direct access to the CSS & HTML of the web designs. Before, all I could do was edit the sites by choosing from pre-made web design templates, and only changing what appears in the “body” content block. I was able to design all the graphics for the web sites, but I was limited because none of the content boxes touched each other and there was a lot of dead space. Now, I can put these content boxes wherever I want to.

As a web designer it is frustrating to work so boxed in by someone else’s design. The websites are incredibly functional, but some of the pre-made web designs are horrible, and the color schemes were nauseating, but now I have complete control over all of these aspects of the web designs.

I guess it’s true, web designers can’t be programmers, and programmers definitely can’t be designers.

We have signed several new customers within the past few days, and I may need to hire an assistant soon. I hope this gets so ridiculously big that I need a team of web designers to help out with the work load.

The Acadiana Home Design website is coming along smoothly. I am changing to the CSS web design and remaining on schedule. It should be done soon.

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