New Design for Acadiana Home Design

Work on the Acadiana Home Design website is coming along nicely.  I have finished the design part, the sites navigation will be cleaned-up abit, and I will use breadcrumbs this time.  I have to chop-up some of the sq. ft. groupings because some of them are just too big.

The Acadiana Home Design website was the first site Goatsmilktavern Studios ever designed & optimized, I owe them a good redesign.

I am changing the site to a new CSS structure for better SEO and a more professional look.  The site gets a lot of hits, but I want it to be found for more key terms. I will write more content for this new site, and I would like to incorporate a few photographs of some of the finished homes.

Here is a snapshot from my testing server.

 Acadiana Home Design new website now holds these rankings in Google:

  • Country french architecture- #1
  • Country french home designs- #2
  • Country french house plans- #3

These rankings aren’t too shabby considering all of the big house plan sites out there, and the popularity of country french architecture.


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  1. Karolyn Leanne on

    and i don’t know, how to make it bette. Karolyn Leanne.

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